How can I learn more about the work?

          - E-mail me ( or use Messenger  I will gladly answer any questions, perhaps send more pics and do anything I can to help.


How much will it cost to ship?

          - Once I know your address, I will have UPS generate a price for shipping.  This fee will be added to the cost of the work.


Can I negotiate prices?

          - Sorry, no.


How can I ensure authenticity?

          - I will include a "Certificate of Authenticity" along with the work.


I am hesitant to buy "sight unseen".  Can I return the work?

          - Should you be unhappy with the work,  I will agree to take the work back within the first 30 days after purchase. I will ask you to arrange and pay the return shipping charges.


Is the work framed?

          - Usually not.


Are prints available?

          - Yes.  If desired, I will have an excellent local print shop make a Giclee print of the work.  The cost of the print will be 40% of the charge for the original.


How do I pay for the work?

          - I request funds transferred to my PayPal account (  Payment could also be made with cash.


Could I visit your studio?

         - Yes.  Please call or e-mail to schedule a studio visit.  My studio is in my home.  It's a mess, but I'd love to have you visit!